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Zinc Hull Anodes-B-Series (Bolted Type)

Brand: Lerwick SKU: ZHA-B-BT

Zinc anodes are also commercially available in two alloys, one for use in soils and the other for seawater applications. Zinc may undergo rapid intergranular corrosion at temperatures above 120°F (50°C). At temperatures above 130°F (50°C) and particularly in the presence of carbonates, zinc can passivate and the potential of the passive film can become more noble than steel, leading to corrosion of the steel.
Zinc is particularly useful in sea-water applications where its low driving potential against steel is insufficient to cause damage to most paints and enables the current output to vary with demand; thus, it is to some extent self-controlling. Zinc anodes do not normally evolve hydrogen nor is there a risk of thermite sparking.
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Anode Type Anode Dimensions (LxWxD) mm Stub Size (mm) PCD (mm) Net Weight (kg) Gross Weight (kg)
LH B2 150x75x25 M12 75 1.35 1.45
LH B3 200x100x20 M12 110 2.30 2.50
LH B4 200x100x30 M12 110 3.40 3.60
LH B4E 200x100x40 M12 110 4.00 4.20
LH B6 300x150x20 M16 160 5.50 5.90
LH B8 300x150x25 M16 160 6.90 7.30
LH B9 300x150x30 M16 160 7.90 8.30
LH B9E 300x150x40 M16 160 10.60 11.00
LH B9F 300x150x50 M16 160 13.40 13.80
LH B12 300x200x40 M16 160 14.80 15.20
LH B12F 300x200x50 M16 160 20.10 20.50
LH B12E 300x200x65 M16 160 26.40 26.80
LH B36B 305x76x36 M12 205 3.60 3.70
LH B114B 456x102x53 M12 230 11.40 11.60

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